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I started Career Bloom in 2012, with the goal of offering career advice to working professionals through my blog posts and 1-1 email advice, and paid career services. Over the years, I have realized is that awareness of the need to manage career is very low among professionals, so they don’t feel the need to get career advice, even for free! While I have offered email advice to over 500 people over last 2-3 years, I now believe I should spend more energy in promoting awareness. This revamp is a part of this new direction. Career Bloom will now offer thought leadership and advice through blogs, articles, books, career tools, all with the intent of promoting awareness about career. I will no longer offer career advice, free or otherwise, as a service. I still welcome and encourage your feedback on the posts, and I will still respond to all your emails, even when you ask for career advice!

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Workplace Reality #2: “Organization deliberately sets up conflicting goals for people”


This post is part of the series on 9 Realities of Modern Workplace.

In this post, we talk about Reality #2: “Organization deliberately sets up goals for people and departments that conflict with each other“.

There are 2 reasons why organizations end up creating conflicting goals:

  1. Organizations need a healthy checks-and-balances system. They need one set of people to keep a tab on what another set is doing and hold them accountable. For example, finance team is there to make sure money is not being spent unwisely by other groups (of course, they have other goals too!).

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