Welcome to a revamped CareerBloom!

I started Career Bloom in 2012, with the goal of offering career advice to working professionals through my blog posts and 1-1 email advice, and paid career services. Over the years, I have realized is that awareness of the need to manage career is very low among professionals, so they don’t feel the need to get career advice, even for free! While I have offered email advice to over 500 people over last 2-3 years, I now believe I should spend more energy in promoting awareness. This revamp is a part of this new direction. Career Bloom will now offer thought leadership and advice through blogs, articles, books, career tools, all with the intent of promoting awareness about career. I will no longer offer career advice, free or otherwise, as a service. I still welcome and encourage your feedback on the posts, and I will still respond to all your emails, even when you ask for career advice!

I wish you a good career, and I hope I will be able to help you become effective at your workplace.